Here Comes Trouble

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Earlier in the day there was this blonde girl who walked past me while I was eating lunch. I was thinking, ‘where do I know her from?’ She looked SO familiar. Then as I was headed into New Media Expo’s keynote on the 1st day, this same girl was talking to all of my friends outside of the room. She looked at me and gave me a huge hug. We both thought we were long lost Twitter friends. We started talking about what I wrote about and told her about my weight loss journey and that it is central in a lot of blogging. Also, was talking about my Get Fit 2013 Tips and gave her my card so she could follow along. She looked at my card and asked me if I was affiliated to the Trimmers in Tucson. Why yes, yes I was. She then asked if my dad was Rick. I looked at her and was thinking – who the heck are you? Then she said, how is your Nona, Lola doing and that she missed coming over for Christmas Eve.

Took me about 3 seconds to recognize that Jessica Northey was my childhood friend – Jessica from the race track. I had known this girl since I was in diapers! Her grandfather was Bill Cheesbourg who raced stock model race cars with my grandfather, Carl Trimmer. These guys had been racing since the early 1950s and were two of the best race car drivers ever to come out of Arizona. Jessica and I spent almost every Saturday night of our entire childhoods together. We even had matching shirts when we were toddlers that said, “Here Comes Trouble.” Yep, that shirt spoke volumes. We lost touch after high school and the last time I had seen her was at her grandfather’s funeral over a 20 years ago.

Cheesebourg & TrimmerCheesebourg & Trimmer 2

What surprised me was that we were both in the blogging social space AND that we were both at New Media Expo and CES. At that same time, Rick Calvert with @BlogWorld came up and was stunned to hear about this reconnection at his conference. We were all kind of awe struck, honestly. I had no idea what kind of woman Jessica had become and was very curious to know her life. I started to look her up on social and was amazed to see that we have SO many friends in common. We had been running in the same circles for years and didn’t know it. Then I was proud of her. So proud! She has done so much and has accomplished a great deal in social. Jessica writes and tweets about country music and radio – her true passions in life.

She created this thing called a Twangout which is a combo of a Google+ Hangout and a Twitter chat. Let me tell you, I want to learn more about that! I was amazed to see her social following – it’s crazy awesome. Just a regular girl ruling the world by pursuing her passion. That’s the lesson in life.

So thank you #NMX for reconnecting me with Jessica. I can’t wait to get to know her again, share some good laughter, and lots of wine. I sure hope she likes wine.

Jessica Northey & Kristi Trimmer


  1. Wait… I did NOT realize you guys were out of touch!!! How strange and AWESOME that you have made that connection again! Give each other a hug from me!! Muah!

  2. That is so awesome that you two gals reconnected. Great photo as well!

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